Truly Special Day

Indeed it is my birthday today, but when you reach my oldness you stop counting the #'s that just get higher and higher. I feel good though, definitely not my age, and I may not act like it either. Today how ever was truly a special day. After being woken up by my family to a beautifully spread brunch, some hugs & kisses, we headed out the door to a baptism, and not just any baptism. My god daughters. That's right, I shared my day being a proud God Father to my God daughter Brooklyn. We had a spectacular ceremony, reception afterwards. Now back at home, I can relax, check out the pictures from the festivities, kick my feet up, have a bday drink.

I would just like to take the time and say a huge thank you to all that took the time out of their day to send me a Birthday wish. Whether on FB/Twitter or email. Bless everyone that reached out to share a few nice words. Salute!  Now you may be wondering why you're not seeing a picture of yours truly on this bday. Well, we took this picture of Brooklyn a while back so we could make a special framed gift, love this image I captured of her. And now that the Baptism is over, mom and dad have the frame in hand, I can finally share this image of my God daughter. Cheers!


Creator \\ Lucas @Eye_ProjekT