Since 95 \\ Raptors #WeTheNorth

When the 2013/'14 NBA season started the uncertain feeling of the Raptors doing anything extraordinary was always there. Fans like myself that have been here cheering on my home town team since day one even felt unsure as to what would be the outcome when the playoffs rolled around in April, would I be watching with a Raptor-less feel in my heart? for all Raptors fan it's been a longtime coming, the post season has officially begun with our very own team winning the Atlantic division & in 3rd seed placing after missing so many years. Raptors gave the fans something to cheer about this year, the young team with UN-selfish play broke records unlike any other previous Raptors squad. The excitement is really in the air around Toronto and believe it or not, in the US/rest of the world as well.

As the emotions build for game 1 on Saturday, I am ready to cheer my club on with some sweet gear from the good folks at that have blessed the fans with simple tee designs that let's us recognize and support the Toronto Raptors and all their hard work. 

#WeTheNorth #NorthernUprising

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

The Line Up Tee \\ The Playoff Tee \\ The Hip Hop Remix Tee

The Line Up Tee \\ The Playoff Tee \\ The Hip Hop Remix Tee