Tribute to Travel Fox

Late 80's / 90's was when my sneaker addiction really took off! but even though my brain & heart always led me to Nike/Jordan brand, I have pretty much owned every brand of shoes out there. When I got the heads up about doing a Travel Fox Tribute event, you know I jumped on the chance. TF has been around for decades, fine leathers/suede materials in a casual lifestyle design shoe were always a hit in the growing urban scenes of Toronto. Just thinking about the name 'travel fox takes me back to high school days, owning some all black suede joints to match with the dress code of a uniformed school but that's a story for another time haha.

My good folks at Toronto Loves Kicks along with Viss International decided that we should make some #NewMemories while holding down this event at the Bata Shoe Museum. Graciously ICEBerg Vodka jumped on board as the main sponsor, some ridiculously delicious chicken & waffle was on site courtesy of J&S, mini cupcakes were provided by Don't Call Me Cupcake and we had Michie Mee hanging with us all night, chatting about our earlier days many years ago haha! all while having our ear drums dancing, DJTABS made it nice with the beats. Shout out to Travel Fox for still being around after all these years. To my folks that came and supported this nice night, I thank you!  If you'd like to view some images I put together for the event as well as of the evening, check the links below, Cheers!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt


Direct links to Travel Fox Gallery 1 \\ Travel Fox Gallery 2

& I thank you for your continued support and always appreciate your feedback!

Salute with a rare selfie haha!