Montreal Travels

Our first major city pit stop landed us in Montreal. Kinda planned it out that way haha!

We wanted to meet up with a good friend of ours & his lovely fam. So that we did, our first stop was at Exclucity, a boutique in the heart of MTL that caters to todays urban culture. Since I have never had the privilege of stepping foot in their store, this was a must for me since you know, I've been known to buy some sneakers here & there. I won't blab too much about the visit to the shop, just know that it's for real! Thank you to the crew! Your layout\design and apparel for all sneaker enthusiasts makes for a wonderful shopping experience. & I love your 40% off sale! Go figure, I go on vacay just to end up with more sneakers hehehe! (New Sneakers will be in the next post)

From there we headed to downtown MTL for some grub, and being in MTL it's always a tradition to eat a Smoked Meat Sandwich, or two. Haha! Dunns Famous Smoked Meat Deli restaurant was the place to be, no disappointing there, tops! Since all that food was consumed a walk was surely in the close by future. Some shopping, chatting and a day of travel and fun was just about done. Unfortunately it did go by way too quickly, but both families kids were exhausted and time to hit the hotel was inevitable.


Summer that was...

Summer that was 2013! After an amazing family vacation that took us on a journey to Montreal / Lac Labelle & Mont Tremblant, I can officially say that summer is over, or so it feels like.  Blessed with great roads to travel via, incredible weather & great memories. As you can imagine now that I uploaded some 500+ images from my Canons memory card,  I will be photobombing my blog with plenty of images over the next few days. Be sure to also peep my instagram! Salute!

" Top of Mont Tremblant 2871ft above sea level