Way of Wade 2 by Li-Ning 'Announcement


For quite a good number of years now I have had the pleasure of owning and seeing first hand how great a basketball shoe Li-Ning produces.  So back in 2012 when news aired that D. Wade of the Miami Heat and proud Team Jordan member was about to leave his sneaker endorsement and hop on over to Asia for a new sneaker deal I was impressed, however the masses were in a uproar! literally. Questions started being asked and rumors began to hit the social media circuit "why in the world would a high praised JB member leave for a Asian based sneaker company that has barely any love in North America?"  Sure Li-Ning is a monster in Asia and the billion dollar company supplies the massive population with their products.  Not so the case in other parts of the world like in North America where Nike/Jordan/Adidas rule the sneaker markets.  Wade had a special plan in the works for this big move of his, Li-Ning basically gave Wade his own brand/freedom with the company and created the 'Way of Wade by Li-Ning. Having limited time on his hands, Wade and his team went to work and within roughly six months a Wade signature sneaker was introduced. Soon after the hype on the WoW began to grow but the unfortunate part for most folks it was unattainable.  Sneaker heads sat around waiting for updates on a possible North American releases, which didn't happen. Not many ventured into Asian online territory to try and find a reputable dealer to buy from. Few of those retailers do exist but with inconsistent size runs and cw's available finding a sz14 was mission impossible, never-mind the avg sized shopper couldn't get his hands on a pair either. With still no signs of any release other than Asia, those that really wanted to #makethechange found themselves in a state of anger. Eventually limited colorways popped up on American soil via on-line/boutique/NBA all star game releases, still that wasn't enough. Demand for the Wow was growing fans spoke out on this topic very loudly on the social networks. Why would Li-Ning bring Wade on board while only  dropping very few releases which were Asia exclusives and not making it more available to the masses? Now spring forward to the end of 2013 and the beginning of this new year, brings us the WoW2 (way of wade 2) a some what new design, but same great quality. This years NBA all star game brought yet again another limited pack of WoW2's at SneakerCon, folks lined up to get their hands on a pair or two. The Overtown & Announcement colorways have come out on Wades site, and news of more are coming. The feedback of those that have purchased a pair is very positive especially since majority of new WoW owners have never dealt with the brand before. Seeing the materials used, quality of stitches and final product, the $150 retail on these is quite doable. We don't wear the box, nor do we walk with the dust bag on, however these small touches that Li-Ning brings to the consumer is easily on top compared to it's competitors. I was able to get a pair of the WoW2 'announcement not ever being lucky to purchase the wow1. That might be a blessing perhaps, because the second version of WoW is a very well detailed sequel to the prior silhouette. I do look forward to new variations of colors and for it to be more accessible to the North American & European consumer. Of course I understand the business aspect of this and that a company like this does not grow over night. Way of Wade by Li-Ning is headed in the right direction as I can see. Slowly but surely!

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KicksTixTO x Toronto Raptors x FootLocker Canada

Nov 9th 2013 brought yet another chapter of Torontos sneaker scene. The Toronto Raptors joined by FootLocker Canada decided it was time to take a crack (no Rob Ford joke here) and open up the Air Canada Center to our citie's sole enthusiasts. Bringing together the locals that live and breathe everything and anything sneaker related. Very similar event as we have seen in the past, just a new face running it in the background, in a new establishment. It all makes perfect sense, why not have a sneaker event at the ACC. This is something our city has been waiting for you could say. Your usual suspects in attendance, buyers, sellers, traders, vendors, Foot Locker showing off their beautiful Jordan hardwood court display, Raptor dance pack beauties walking around keeping patrons smiling, music bumping at the perfect BPM's. MLSE opened up a table full of autographed Raptor worn pairs as well as some not worn, with proceeds going to the MLSE charitable foundation. TorontoLovesKicks showed some sample Fila goods that won't be out until next year, if that's not hot enough, they had a strong nostalgic Travel Fox set up, original pairs from the '80's/'90's. Keep a ear out for that brand name if you're not familiar with it, just sayin. Of course the main reason KickTixTO attendees were on hand was to witness the crowning of the best sneaker showing at the event. While the judges walked around, talking to the individuals/crews that brought some serious collectables to show off, I know the final decision could not have been a easy one. Victorious at the end of the day, #SneakerMisfits brought heavy hitting sole goodness to take the title home, $1000 in Foot Locker GF's along with some other treats. While the event itself seemed to fly by rather quickly, most of us got to stay afterwards to watch the Raptors beat down on the Jazz. Nice perk for those in attendance, your entry ticket also got you a seat at the game, bonus! I hope we have an KicksTixTO part2 in the works. As for my personal opinionated feedback about the event, refreshments, surprisingly there was none. The security was a tad pushy especially once the winners were announced, it wasn't even end of the show and they were trying to usher & push people out. Not a good look, I understand that the arena needs to be prepped for the game, but there was still time for that. The fact that NO Raptor players made an appearance, kinda disappointed some. Would have been a nice touch for those in attendance to get a picture or autograph from them.

But at the end of the day, I believe KicksTixTO was a success, brought us sneaker enthusiasts together for the same cause, love of the Sole. Please let me also take this short minute to thank everyone for their support, I always appreciate hearing your feedback about my photography, blog write ups and anything related. Keep that C&C coming my way! Shout out to all my Sole heads, y'all know who you are!

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ShoeTopia Sneaker Event \\ Toronto

Whether you're a new sneaker groupie or a veteran sole body, you should come and check out ShoeTopia at the Air Canada Center on Nov 9th 2013. Tables to display your collection are available, buy/sell/trade your grails, with the purchase of entry ticket, you can stay for the Raptors game vs Utah following the event. Player exclusive shoes will be available to purchase, signed by players, new & game worn. Lots of prizes courtesy of FootLocker. Something for the city of Toronto on a whole new level. Raptor players in attendance, most likely. They do like their sneakers.

Follow @ShoeTopiaTO on IG for full info, if your're looking for a table and are down with @TDoTLovesKicks, get at them for discounted prices on tables.

ShoeTopia live Nov 9th 2013 Toronto Air Canada Center 12pm-4pm Buy/Sell/Trade Sneaker Showcase  

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Sole Lecture by Mache

I'm just going to drop this here for now. Image of custom sneakers created for todays open minded sneaker enthusiast, one that appreciates the time & effort it took someone talented to create such a fine detailed custom.

This here is exclusively revealed by Mache Customs (@Mache275) to the small intimate crowd at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto Canada earlier this evening. Keep an eye this weekend for a full right up, cheers !

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