Simply Mator, hashtag it!

It may be mean/loud underneath but it certainly doesn't resemble that on its mental off-base outer shell.                                                                                                                                           

It puts you in a happy state #SimplyMator

To be continued...

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

2014 Yorkville Exotic Car Show

Fathers Day Sunday, weather on the highest of degrees I grabbed the family and headed to Yorkville for their annual exotic car show. Love the fact that they close down a nice stretch of our cities main street (Bloor Street - Between Avenue Road & Bay Street) and have it filled with beautiful automobiles.  A selected bunch you could say. there was so much to see however the crowds were enormous, everyone taking pictures very cramped atmosphere, you can't really get many good whole vehicle shots if you ask me, so I did what I could. other then the massive crowds, I was impressed with the autos on display, very much so. Porsches/Lambos/Ferraris/Astons and more! I'll be giving away a canvas piece, peep on my instagram for more details. Just showing back some love to everyone.

Creator \\ Lucas @ eye_projekt

#ProjektAccord \\ K&N Typhoon Intake

The end of March has arrived and it still seems like the winter doesn't want to go away, even though nice weather is in the forecast, I still don't believe it! Either way I made the decision to go ahead and get one of my new parts installed, this way 'Whitey can breathe a lil bit better with the help of K&N Typhoon intake that lays tucked away neatly under the hood. Super easy install, full bolt on kit. I honestly couldn't have it sitting in the box any longer haha! Looks like #ProjektAccord has started! It definitely feels nice to be back at the shop tinkering around.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Simply E63 \\ AMG

Simply Tire's Mercedes E63 AMG, horsepower/handling/comfort all in one package that takes your breath away when behind the drivers seat. I found a beautiful quiet woodsy area for the shoot(wildlife included).  As many of you know or see with my images, I am a fan of using natural light. Rarely do I use my strobist set up unless working with studio related projekts. However I decided to do some external of camera lighting for a few. I'm still not sure how I feel about the outcome, but it's definitely a great twist on the norm. Going and doing something out of the ordinary as scary or uninviting as it may be, it's also another step forward with your mind. Learning process continues...


Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt  


We had 4 wild bunnies playing around the area where we shot the E63, and one great capture of one running in front as I snapped this pic. It was a keeper.

E63 mod list 

\\ Nexon Custom carbon fibre/Alcantara F1 style Steering wheel

\\ Eurotek rear carbon fiber diffuser

\\ 20x9 and 20x10 Stance SC6 in Slate Grey

\\ 245-30-20 and 285-25-20 Michelin Pilot SuperSport

\\ KW Front Coilover and rear adjustable link

\\ Custom blacked out E-Coupe front Grill

\\ 3000watt Orion 10" Woofer, 1000watt JL amp

\\ Custom resonator and muffler delete