PEAK \\ Tony Parker TP9

Weeks back at the KicksTixTO event I met @PeakSportsCanada rep Noah, it was actually quite interesting that someone repping PEAK in Canada was there. We chatted shortly and eventually made contact for some products. This was surely a great chance to grab a pair of Tony Parker's PEAK shoes he's been playing in since last year. Noah assured me a sz14 is available but it did have to be shipped in from China as a special order,  damn my big feet haha! Within days my shoes arrived, to my surprise. I met up with Noah, got to know a bit more about PEAK's stand in Canada & about Parker's first sig shoe that will be releasing in the next few weeks. The TP9 is based on the PEAK Lightning Team Shoe that many players across NBA & FIBA wear. TP9 had a few personal touches added such as the sig on the toe box, black base accented by white hints on PEAK logo and sole underneath, breathable PEAK COOLFREE upper, X design support, PHYLON, TPU and finished with classic Peak CUSHION-3 tech for performance. Tony's been busy designing his own sig shoe with PEAK over the last year, the TP1 should be hitting retailers in Asia any day now, slowly making its way to the rest of the world. As a sneaker enthusiast I wish PEAK nothing but the best in this Canadian venture. I'm sure you'll be seeing more PEAK photos and write ups in the future.

Creator \\ Lucas @e y e_p r o j e k t

PEAK Tony Parker TP9

Nike Zoom Kobe VIII System \\ Red Boa

Having owned quite a few Kobes signature line of sneakers, I have gotten accustomed to wearing a very comfortable performing shoe, no matter which version it was. My favorite that got me started on the Kobe line was the Zoom Kobe IV. Than when the V released I was truly in heaven with fit and feel on foot. The design of the VI wasn't as eye appealing however, and I only have 2 pairs of those, the comfort/support level is still there, but IMO the look of the VI with the large scales was not something that pulled me in. Kobes seventh signature shoe was a much improved in the design aspect, just as comfortable as the VI, perhaps even better. Same thing though, it wasn't a shoe like the IV or V which I pretty much bought ever colorway that released. Now we come to the Eight model and let me tell you, this is a beautiful shoe, from top to bottom, fit, comfort, breath-ability etc...I had a chance to try a pair on when the VIII released, but to really get to wear a pair is something truly amazing. Looks like Nike scored again.

 Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Nike Zoom Kobe VIII System \\ Red Boa