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Filling in for the missing 'letter

Since the Out of the Box exhibit opened its doors a few weeks back, the directors at BSM along with TLK have done numerous events to keep people coming in like bringing in probably one of the most recognized names in the artistic sneaker customizing field, Mache Customs.  After driving for hours and hours from State side, being interrogated by border patrol, Mrs. & Mr. Mache made their way over to the Bata Shoe Museum for a small intimate crowd.  The devotees eagerly watched and listened to Mache touch on everything and anything from his beginnings to current trends, all things sneaker and culture related were discussed.  The floor was open to questions, comments etc...even though Mache did spend the last half of the day driving, you would never tell, signing autographs, taking pictures, as well as bringing some of his work to display for others to see, such as his most sought after creations,  the '112 Penny II's, 'What the KD IV's, 2012 'Scooby Snacks Hyperdunks, artistic works of art that have been painted by hand, air brush to crazy out of his mind creations such as the 'LeBronboutin Lebron X's that are more customized using 'spikes. Of course the revealing of the most recent, never seen by the world 'What the kobe VIII's, where the entire shoe has been de-constructed, re-materialized with python, snake skin, shark, real animal print to make this one of the most intriguing custom creations to date. The night came to a end, for most that is. We then had a bit of time to hang with Mache inside the Out of the Box exhibit, where one of his pieces currently rests on display. So as myself and my fam at TLK walked about, chatted and snapped some pics. We quickly realized how humble Mache really is. & that's nothing new to see, since I have read numerous people in the past mentioning the same thing about Mache. It was just a pleasure to witness it myself. Mache, thanks for your time spent here with us. Hope you can come back sooner than later (winkwink)

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt