United We Sole \\ TLK \\ 09.15.13

 Toronto Loves Kicks presented another chapter of Toronto's own Sneaker Battle United We Sole on Sunday Sept 15. Bringing back sneaker enthusiasts as well as entertaining new comers. Reuniting in the Great Hall, where the atmosphere was low lit, pumping with DJ Channel 9's hard hitting beats and sneaker lovers in every part of the 30K square foot venue. Throne Barbers were on sight fading & lining up customers, art displays were being shown & raffled, vendors promoting apparel and kids walking around with shoes in their hands looking to sell/trade was in full mass. As for the sneaker battle itself, individuals/crews brought their collections of kix, displayed for all to see & judge. Contestants brought out for show everything from original sneakers from way back in the day, to some of the hottest footwear being released to date. Of course judging a sneaker battle is all in good fun, it's about personal preference and what each individual likes.

Surprisingly also was the good amount of female sneaker enthusiasts on scene, which is great to see, the ladies have a fantastic shoe game, they rocked them on foot and displayed them as well *cough cough (@bevy_bevv

A special presentation from @SelfMadeSince89 to the TLK crew, custom pair of Jordan X's, which were designed with the city of Toronto in mind, city map/architectural structures  and nicknames were hand burned into the leather of the silhouette, salmon colored accents flow through out the shoe.

Bringing the day to a close, some on stage performances were conducted, beat boxing showcase, local artists dropping lyrical madness and of course the announcement of the sneaker battles winner! Which for the second year in a row went to the 'SneakerMisfits !!! Congrats!

#TorontoGotSole & #CanadaGotSole was represented in the best way! This was def not the typical low key event that we have seen in the past.

I was humbly ecstatic to see familiar faces as well as meeting folks that I have talked to via social media but never had the chance to chat face 2 face, of course meeting new people with the same passion was really nice.  

Please click the image below, it will take you to the full gallery, cheers & enjoy some of my captures!


Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt