TorontoLovesKicks x SneakerDesignProject x FNLROM


When you think of your cities museum, it's a place that's normally library quiet, filled with boring on lookers, school field trips, senior citizens and tourists. You never see it as night life, drinks, food, party type atmosphere, well that's not the case with the Royal Ontario Museum (rom) in downtown Toronto. For eight weeks every Friday night starting Oct 18th-Dec 6th the ROM transforms it's inner shell, becoming Friday night live at the ROM aka FNLROM. It's like walking into a time warp of some sort, that's if you can even get in with the line up outside wrapping around the entire building, I'd hate to wonder how many people actually do not even make it inside. By ROM's count, 3000 people venture out Friday night to get their drink/eat/ groove on. Witnessing the night myself, I don't doubt that number at all, it's absolutely packed inside. Toronto Loves Kicks put on another installment of the Sneaker Design Project that evening and celebrating their 3rd year anniversary could not have been in a better venue. With special Beat Boxing presentation by Chris Fernandez & Killa Beatz, Beat Box Canada, threw down some mouth rhythms. Unity BreakDance crew violated the stage with their performance getting the crowd all hyped up. While this was going on, next to the main stage the sneaker design project artists were set up to create. With a blank pair of Converse in hand along side a bag full of freshly opened Sharpies the visionary skills was just waiting to be unleashed on a shoe canvas. Our artists had roughly 20-30mins to create something on the spot, pressure you may think? Not so, the talent were prepped & ready! When it came time to draw, they were in the zone, surrounded by on lookers, flashes from cameras going off every few seconds. I asked myself 'how these guys could manage to work under pressure in low lit, mad traffic situations like these. No matter how, they pulled it off and their work spoke for itself. There was no winner chosen for this competition but their artistry and abilities were recognized.  I'm sure the crowd had their favorite pair out of the 4 created. Ig/twitter could attest to that. The sneaker design was held to expose Torontonians to the arts, sneaker culture/lifestyle etc... This was really a special evening for TLK. Being part of an event to this scale was something to remember. Now that the artists creations have been delivered to me, I can proudly share them with everyone. Shout out to the entire TorontoLovesKicks family, all who supported this incredible evening & celebrated with us! Below you can enlarge the images of the creative creations from the Sneaker Design Project 3

Full gallery of the Sneaker Design Project click here!!!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt