Keep Hope Alive

As the title states, with some serious bad luck thanks to poor\incompetent customer service from NeoMotorsports, I have been stuck waiting on my coilovers to come in for the 3rd time now. However after the failed second attempt to get me the correct set I ended up changing brands and having to wait yet again. No one locally has a coilover kit in stock for my car, all has to come in from State side. My car should have been lowered 6 weeks ago, in a fantasy world of course. sigh* . Fingers crossed for this week.

Speaking of a 'fantasies, this is what I want my car to look like with coils on (OMG)!!! I've always been a fan of the so called 'rake look, just subtle enough where it's a bit aggressive looking, not a saggy/droopy ass style stance. 

(yes this is my car, parked in a downtown underground, manipulated the picture a tad though hehehe)

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

#ProjektAccord \\ K&N Typhoon Intake

The end of March has arrived and it still seems like the winter doesn't want to go away, even though nice weather is in the forecast, I still don't believe it! Either way I made the decision to go ahead and get one of my new parts installed, this way 'Whitey can breathe a lil bit better with the help of K&N Typhoon intake that lays tucked away neatly under the hood. Super easy install, full bolt on kit. I honestly couldn't have it sitting in the box any longer haha! Looks like #ProjektAccord has started! It definitely feels nice to be back at the shop tinkering around.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Whitey \\ 2014 Honda Accord \\ My car

'When will it end....snow/ice minus degree weather, winter needs to go! I've tried to keep my car clean over these sloppy freezing months, it's almost impossible. Every other day we get hit with the white stuff. Snapped this pic downtown Toronto during a outing this week, dirty but came out pretty cool IMO! Shot with Canon 7D \\ Tamron 10-24mm wide lens

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt