Always being watched

it's funny how you never think about these things until something happens that relates to being captured on camera, daily videos get posted that expose the good & bad. Watch what you do, cameras are everywhere and people are constantly recording with their phones, security cams run 24hrs and see what you do. As much as I want to say that this is a reminder for the younger ones, it's just as much of a wake up for most adults as well. 

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

2014 Yorkville Exotic Car Show

Fathers Day Sunday, weather on the highest of degrees I grabbed the family and headed to Yorkville for their annual exotic car show. Love the fact that they close down a nice stretch of our cities main street (Bloor Street - Between Avenue Road & Bay Street) and have it filled with beautiful automobiles.  A selected bunch you could say. there was so much to see however the crowds were enormous, everyone taking pictures very cramped atmosphere, you can't really get many good whole vehicle shots if you ask me, so I did what I could. other then the massive crowds, I was impressed with the autos on display, very much so. Porsches/Lambos/Ferraris/Astons and more! I'll be giving away a canvas piece, peep on my instagram for more details. Just showing back some love to everyone.

Creator \\ Lucas @ eye_projekt