Underground selfie...

I drive to a underground parking garage, instantly camera comes out.  It's infyooz'd (< see what I did there) in my brain

One more week and the stock parts go back on for the winter months. So pretty much back to comfortable style driving. It's always nice for the first week when it's all stock, after that it's just, well ya know...ha

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Different \\ Allens Gallardo Spyder

'Different! kinda like when Pharrell drops that line on the Marylin Monroe track from his latest album, same way I spin it on this blog post. That's because whether you like or hate it Allens 2007 Gallardo is just that, d i f f e r e n t ! ! ! 6 speed RWD converted Nova Blue Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder screams eye catching, one of four Gallardos in the world rocking that original factory 'Smurf color. With a LP-560 front bumper & rear tail conversion, Superleggera Carbon rear spoiler/diffuser & side blades this beauty can't be missed when it flies past you at high speeds or simply cruises next to you. Sitting on 19x8.5 front & 20x11 Rear Vorsteiner VFF01 in Gloss Bronze wheels, matched up with Michelin Pilot Sports 235-35-19 front & 325-25-20 Rears. In order to really appreciate the paint this Spyder has to be seen in person, pictures really do no justice. I did however try my best to capture that blue for your viewing pleasure. I myself did something 'different with this photo shoot, stepped out of my comfort zone and did some strobist work on the 'in the shop photo. I step out of my boundaries (sometime). The wheel close ups were still done using natural light (started raining on us) so we wrapped it up pretty quick.  Whether I try something new or stick to my regular style of photography creations, I always have fun with it. & really at the end of the day that's all that matters.

Thanks for the assist Allen and the Simply Tire crew!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt