Underground selfie...

I drive to a underground parking garage, instantly camera comes out.  It's infyooz'd (< see what I did there) in my brain

One more week and the stock parts go back on for the winter months. So pretty much back to comfortable style driving. It's always nice for the first week when it's all stock, after that it's just, well ya know...ha

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

RoadTrippin '14

One day in August we packed up our sh*!, taped up the car and headed away, 643kms away!

I guess I'll start here, why the bluetape on the front end, well...bugs and stone chips that's why

Something done by the auto community on a regular (bluetapegang) and it gave wifey and I something to do one evening. Tape goes on easy and comes off even easier, I can't even remember how many passing motorists had something to talk about seeing us next to them hehehe! smiles and thumbs up were regularly thrown our way.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Whitey \\ 2014 Honda Accord Sport CVT

I finally put together some pics of my car, I've realized I don't like taking pics of my car however, not sure why but that's how it is haha! thanks to Simply Tire, Evolution Racing, Parkway Honda few others for helping me get my car tuned to my vision, cheers!

2014 Honda Accord Sport CVT
6K H I D \\ 3K Fog Lights
LED'd throughout \\ EuroJDM yellow drl bulbs \\ Red H emblem front & steering wheel
KSport Kontrol Pro Coilover System \\ Pillow-ball Top Mounts
20mm Rear Sway Bar from Acura TL AWD SH // JPower  Rear full camber\toe kit
K&N Typhoon intake

BBS LM rep 19x8.5F 19x9.5R +35 offset all around
235/35/19 Nexen N1000 \\ Aligned -2.2 degrees front \\ -3.9 degrees rear

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Keep Hope Alive

As the title states, with some serious bad luck thanks to poor\incompetent customer service from NeoMotorsports, I have been stuck waiting on my coilovers to come in for the 3rd time now. However after the failed second attempt to get me the correct set I ended up changing brands and having to wait yet again. No one locally has a coilover kit in stock for my car, all has to come in from State side. My car should have been lowered 6 weeks ago, in a fantasy world of course. sigh* . Fingers crossed for this week.

Speaking of a 'fantasies, this is what I want my car to look like with coils on (OMG)!!! I've always been a fan of the so called 'rake look, just subtle enough where it's a bit aggressive looking, not a saggy/droopy ass style stance. 

(yes this is my car, parked in a downtown underground, manipulated the picture a tad though hehehe)

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Weather waiting....

No, I do not live in Cali, nor Florida, or any other place where warm winter months are a factor. My home is Canada, a place where winter rolls around on a regular, bringing snow, cold minus degree temperatures, slush, salty roads etc...If you're a car guy, someone that loves tuning their ride, you know what I feel all very well. Every Sept/Oct, all car heads get ready to start stripping their cars to be prepared for storage. It's how I've grown up and currently still witness the same tasks over and over again by countless automotive owning fanatics. For the lucky ones that have multiple cars to drive, this may not be a big deal, for others that only have one nice vehicle to drive, winter months are a pain in the a$$. Swapping wheels, suspension and god knows what else. Just to do it all over again in the spring time. With countless prayers during the cold months for the hot days to come back quickly, oh how I envy my Cali friends. So as most tuner nuts currently wait for the snow to melt, new car parts to arrive, spring is here!!! weather isn't... but in due time beams of hot healthy Vitamin D sunshine will come down upon thee. For now, the cars wait, grounded....weather waiting.

Creator \\ Lucas @Eye_ProjekT