Jordan Store 306 Yonge

With so many events going on during the all star weekend in Toronto, it's no surprise that Jordan brand decided to open a pop up Jordan store, which stayed open 24hrs/day for the entire weekend. People started lining up days before to try and grab the latest in JB sneakers and apparel, leaving me no choice but to slap on my 99's early on a Sunday morning, heading out in the frigid weather. A personal shopper greeted you at the door and helped you out with anything you needed, great experience for the city as well as anyone that had a chance to stop by and visit, It's great to hear that the store will open its doors permanently later on this year. 

Sneakers, NBA All Star Weekend, North POV

With 25+ sneaker enthusiast years under my belt there could be lots of things to discuss, but let's be honest, I don't want to get into it all that mumbo jumbo at the moment. Whether your'e a vintage og or new to the scene we're here for the same passion, it is finally nice to see the cdn sneaker culture get love from the rest of the world. Drake's putting up massive billboards in 6ix! it also happens to be right over the new Jumpman23 store opening in the heart of downtown core, the city is buzzing with intense excitement over this all star weekend, hardwood floor in the ACC is ready! feels like yesterday but it's been 20 years since the birth of the Raptors, it's nice to see the team/city get the respect we deserve, those who get to experience some of this weekends festivities will be quite surprised at how prepared we really got for this. Also shout out to the long time family over at for this lil write up they did on myself and a few other cdn cats, talking about sneakers from a north pov. 

center court @ the Air Canada Centre \\ Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid PRM QS 'Brogue   

center court @ the Air Canada Centre \\ Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid PRM QS 'Brogue


Home of the 2016 NBA All Star Game \\ ACC

To be able to stand in the middle of The Raptors home court at the Air Canada Center really does give you chills up and down your body...that lookup to the screens above is a experience that I'll never forget. Toronto is a incredible choice for this years all star festivities, our city has so much to offer for all those that will be here for the entire weekend. Looking forward to running around the 6ix with my camera those few days in Feb! if you see me out and about be sure to stop by and say hi to Uncle Luc! 

Always being watched

it's funny how you never think about these things until something happens that relates to being captured on camera, daily videos get posted that expose the good & bad. Watch what you do, cameras are everywhere and people are constantly recording with their phones, security cams run 24hrs and see what you do. As much as I want to say that this is a reminder for the younger ones, it's just as much of a wake up for most adults as well. 

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Streets of Toronto \\ Uncle Tetsu

Uncle Tetsu is the talk of the town these days. However I've always heard the same thing from most people that have lined up for hours to try this apparently delicious cheesecake 'not bad not worth the wait though... Uncle Tetsu has also opened (right next door) a Japanese Matcha cafe, with a assortment of goodies on the menu and no line up, this was the way to go haha. Taste of the Green Tea Ice Cream, very refreshing...Matcha green tea cake, solid cake texture with nice taste. Really good with Tea\coffee imo. 

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt