Reebok Question x Packershoes \\ For Player Use Only Pack

What if LeBron or Kobe signed with Reebok instead of their counter brand Nike. Well, Mike Packer owner of thought the same, pulled some strings and made things happen for this exclusive pack. The Reebok Question mid is no doubt as iconic in the sneaker world as many sought after Jordans or Nikes.  Sneaker-heads from around the world couldn't understand what was the reasoning behind the production of this, well now hopefully you grasp the simple concept. LeBrons high school colors of SVSM are bases for his suede accented mid, color matched initial & numbers flow smoothly along the sides, numbers 2 & 3 can be found on each of his shoes on the heel, idea of what a potential Reebok PE could have looked like on court. Kobe's pair is just as beautiful, purple leather toe, along with accented eyelets and the number 8 heeled on the back. To top it off both pairs came with custom 'Promo Sample insoles. Kobe did have a very brief Reebok spotlight before he signed with Nike in early 2003, but most wouldn't remember that nor do they probably care. Being a Kobe fan, hearing the news of the release of this pack, I knew it was something that I would love to own. 2 pairs of iconic silhouettes in one pack is definitely something you don't see often or will you see anytime soon again.

I always enjoy having the time to do something like a studio style creation. It's quite time consuming, from brain storming the idea to set up, reviewing, edits and final outcome. But as I embrace the opportunity to make these learning experiences happen, the next one is around the corner.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt 

Reebok Question Mid \\ For Player Use Only Pack