Keep Hope Alive

As the title states, with some serious bad luck thanks to poor\incompetent customer service from NeoMotorsports, I have been stuck waiting on my coilovers to come in for the 3rd time now. However after the failed second attempt to get me the correct set I ended up changing brands and having to wait yet again. No one locally has a coilover kit in stock for my car, all has to come in from State side. My car should have been lowered 6 weeks ago, in a fantasy world of course. sigh* . Fingers crossed for this week.

Speaking of a 'fantasies, this is what I want my car to look like with coils on (OMG)!!! I've always been a fan of the so called 'rake look, just subtle enough where it's a bit aggressive looking, not a saggy/droopy ass style stance. 

(yes this is my car, parked in a downtown underground, manipulated the picture a tad though hehehe)

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt