eye trickery \\ app vs CS5

It's probably not only myself that gets fooled with photos these day, seems like more and more people are using their iPhones to adjust/edit images, even when the images are taken straight out of dslr cameras and dropped into your iPhone, a few apps later, your creation is posted on line, shared with the world. My normal routine when it comes to photography is pretty simple like most photogs. All photos taken with my Canon get uploaded to my PC, than my CS5 software takes care of the rest, whether it be small edits or going all out with some crazy work. Seeing it big on my HD screens is something I prefer, never did I think to work on a full sized image via my iPhone and all those wonderful apps that are under our finger tips. Few fellow photogs I know have been doing this steadily for quite some time now, their work turning out beautifully. I decided to grab my amateur skills and try the same thing, taking a image of my Adidas ZX700's with my Canon 7D + Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens, uploading to my iphone5, seeing where this simple crop/color/contrast/sharpen edit takes me. This is what feedback I can provide on the subject. With the amount of photo processing apps that are available for free(or small cost) I have pretty much downloaded majority of them. Each app has something different to offer, but I did realize that most apps offer the same features(crop-color adjust-contrast-sharpening-filters etc...). I found it a tad awkward working on such a small screen (perhaps a ipad could solve that issue) but as for the final outcome, I am quite pleased. I also took the same image and did a very similar edit on my CS5 Adobe via PC. Personally it was still better to work on my PC, being able to see the image in full size even magnified to as much as you need is at most times a must.

However, I can truly say that I can see me doing more out of camera onto iPhone edits in the future. Now you be the judge, which image was done by iPhone & which one was done via CS5 Adobe on PC?

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt