SB50 Nike Trainer 1 mid PRM QS NFL

You can say that I am obsessed with mid 1 trainers, always have always will, reminders of my youth always flashback in my mind. This pair of Superbowl 50 Trainers brings some texture to the eyes like no other. All gold tons of gold. and I decided to do something different with this photo, I like how the details turned out. 

SB50 Nike Trainer 1 mid PRM QS NFL 

SB50 Nike Trainer 1 mid PRM QS NFL 

Jordan Store 306 Yonge

With so many events going on during the all star weekend in Toronto, it's no surprise that Jordan brand decided to open a pop up Jordan store, which stayed open 24hrs/day for the entire weekend. People started lining up days before to try and grab the latest in JB sneakers and apparel, leaving me no choice but to slap on my 99's early on a Sunday morning, heading out in the frigid weather. A personal shopper greeted you at the door and helped you out with anything you needed, great experience for the city as well as anyone that had a chance to stop by and visit, It's great to hear that the store will open its doors permanently later on this year. 

Sneakers, NBA All Star Weekend, North POV

With 25+ sneaker enthusiast years under my belt there could be lots of things to discuss, but let's be honest, I don't want to get into it all that mumbo jumbo at the moment. Whether your'e a vintage og or new to the scene we're here for the same passion, it is finally nice to see the cdn sneaker culture get love from the rest of the world. Drake's putting up massive billboards in 6ix! it also happens to be right over the new Jumpman23 store opening in the heart of downtown core, the city is buzzing with intense excitement over this all star weekend, hardwood floor in the ACC is ready! feels like yesterday but it's been 20 years since the birth of the Raptors, it's nice to see the team/city get the respect we deserve, those who get to experience some of this weekends festivities will be quite surprised at how prepared we really got for this. Also shout out to the long time family over at for this lil write up they did on myself and a few other cdn cats, talking about sneakers from a north pov. 

center court @ the Air Canada Centre \\ Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid PRM QS 'Brogue   

center court @ the Air Canada Centre \\ Nike Air Trainer 1 Mid PRM QS 'Brogue


Jordan Eclipse \\ Spring has arrived

Once  Jordan Brand released its last colorway of the Jordan XX3 back in '08, in my heart that is the year that Jordan brand died. The silhouette that functioned both as a performance basketball shoe and as a sneaker you could rock casually became the end of a era, after that JB turned their strong vision towards retros & high performance on court division, with uprising prices and sneakers (retros) that didn't appeal to me, therefore I cut my ties with any JB purchases.

Now let's bring it forward to current date. Jordan Eclipse, yes it does resemble many other shoes (roshe run, ZXFLUX etc...) but in all reality a shoe of this kind only makes sense to manufacture if your a big brand Co. Personally as I get older I find the need for comfortable shoes to wear, the need to show off heat on feet died many years ago. I need my feet to be very taken care of and sneakers such as the ones mentioned above are just those to do the trick. So here I go with my first JB purchase in 7 years. Materials, quality on the finished product is on top of the game. Comfort and breathe-ability outstanding. It really does feel like spring and after the long cold winter we've had this is a welcome change.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Orange and blue skies

After donating to Spike Lee's Kickstarter film last year, it's only fitting that my dude 'godsfavoriteknicksfan received a pair of Nike Air Foamposite One 'Knicks PE Samples from Spike himself, after all both of them are the biggest Knicks fans I know. I'm sure the world has plenty of'em but around my hood 'godsfavoriteknicksfan is that guy #Knickstape #OrangeAndBlueSkies 4 life. Since the debut about 2 years ago, many sneaker enthusiasts never thought that this particular color would ever see the store shelves, they will release to the public at the end of this month, so keep an eye out.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

The Forgotten

A tribute to the beater shoe(s) in your rotation, the ones that serve daily purpose, sunshine/rain/snow and what ever else you throw at them. the pair that wreak havoc on your sense of smell, that pair you can't even give to a homeless person cause he'd laugh at ya! All jokes aside, it's true how easy we forget when a sneaker we've had for quite sometime gets forgotten. Never spoken of. Like these, my Nike Trainer 1 mid SB Day of the Dead

Most rotated pair to date...

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Tribute to Travel Fox

Late 80's / 90's was when my sneaker addiction really took off! but even though my brain & heart always led me to Nike/Jordan brand, I have pretty much owned every brand of shoes out there. When I got the heads up about doing a Travel Fox Tribute event, you know I jumped on the chance. TF has been around for decades, fine leathers/suede materials in a casual lifestyle design shoe were always a hit in the growing urban scenes of Toronto. Just thinking about the name 'travel fox takes me back to high school days, owning some all black suede joints to match with the dress code of a uniformed school but that's a story for another time haha.

My good folks at Toronto Loves Kicks along with Viss International decided that we should make some #NewMemories while holding down this event at the Bata Shoe Museum. Graciously ICEBerg Vodka jumped on board as the main sponsor, some ridiculously delicious chicken & waffle was on site courtesy of J&S, mini cupcakes were provided by Don't Call Me Cupcake and we had Michie Mee hanging with us all night, chatting about our earlier days many years ago haha! all while having our ear drums dancing, DJTABS made it nice with the beats. Shout out to Travel Fox for still being around after all these years. To my folks that came and supported this nice night, I thank you!  If you'd like to view some images I put together for the event as well as of the evening, check the links below, Cheers!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt


Direct links to Travel Fox Gallery 1 \\ Travel Fox Gallery 2

& I thank you for your continued support and always appreciate your feedback!

Salute with a rare selfie haha!

Way of Wade 2 by Li-Ning 'Announcement


For quite a good number of years now I have had the pleasure of owning and seeing first hand how great a basketball shoe Li-Ning produces.  So back in 2012 when news aired that D. Wade of the Miami Heat and proud Team Jordan member was about to leave his sneaker endorsement and hop on over to Asia for a new sneaker deal I was impressed, however the masses were in a uproar! literally. Questions started being asked and rumors began to hit the social media circuit "why in the world would a high praised JB member leave for a Asian based sneaker company that has barely any love in North America?"  Sure Li-Ning is a monster in Asia and the billion dollar company supplies the massive population with their products.  Not so the case in other parts of the world like in North America where Nike/Jordan/Adidas rule the sneaker markets.  Wade had a special plan in the works for this big move of his, Li-Ning basically gave Wade his own brand/freedom with the company and created the 'Way of Wade by Li-Ning. Having limited time on his hands, Wade and his team went to work and within roughly six months a Wade signature sneaker was introduced. Soon after the hype on the WoW began to grow but the unfortunate part for most folks it was unattainable.  Sneaker heads sat around waiting for updates on a possible North American releases, which didn't happen. Not many ventured into Asian online territory to try and find a reputable dealer to buy from. Few of those retailers do exist but with inconsistent size runs and cw's available finding a sz14 was mission impossible, never-mind the avg sized shopper couldn't get his hands on a pair either. With still no signs of any release other than Asia, those that really wanted to #makethechange found themselves in a state of anger. Eventually limited colorways popped up on American soil via on-line/boutique/NBA all star game releases, still that wasn't enough. Demand for the Wow was growing fans spoke out on this topic very loudly on the social networks. Why would Li-Ning bring Wade on board while only  dropping very few releases which were Asia exclusives and not making it more available to the masses? Now spring forward to the end of 2013 and the beginning of this new year, brings us the WoW2 (way of wade 2) a some what new design, but same great quality. This years NBA all star game brought yet again another limited pack of WoW2's at SneakerCon, folks lined up to get their hands on a pair or two. The Overtown & Announcement colorways have come out on Wades site, and news of more are coming. The feedback of those that have purchased a pair is very positive especially since majority of new WoW owners have never dealt with the brand before. Seeing the materials used, quality of stitches and final product, the $150 retail on these is quite doable. We don't wear the box, nor do we walk with the dust bag on, however these small touches that Li-Ning brings to the consumer is easily on top compared to it's competitors. I was able to get a pair of the WoW2 'announcement not ever being lucky to purchase the wow1. That might be a blessing perhaps, because the second version of WoW is a very well detailed sequel to the prior silhouette. I do look forward to new variations of colors and for it to be more accessible to the North American & European consumer. Of course I understand the business aspect of this and that a company like this does not grow over night. Way of Wade by Li-Ning is headed in the right direction as I can see. Slowly but surely!

Creator \\ Lucas @e y e_p r o j e k t


PEAK \\ Tony Parker TP9

Weeks back at the KicksTixTO event I met @PeakSportsCanada rep Noah, it was actually quite interesting that someone repping PEAK in Canada was there. We chatted shortly and eventually made contact for some products. This was surely a great chance to grab a pair of Tony Parker's PEAK shoes he's been playing in since last year. Noah assured me a sz14 is available but it did have to be shipped in from China as a special order,  damn my big feet haha! Within days my shoes arrived, to my surprise. I met up with Noah, got to know a bit more about PEAK's stand in Canada & about Parker's first sig shoe that will be releasing in the next few weeks. The TP9 is based on the PEAK Lightning Team Shoe that many players across NBA & FIBA wear. TP9 had a few personal touches added such as the sig on the toe box, black base accented by white hints on PEAK logo and sole underneath, breathable PEAK COOLFREE upper, X design support, PHYLON, TPU and finished with classic Peak CUSHION-3 tech for performance. Tony's been busy designing his own sig shoe with PEAK over the last year, the TP1 should be hitting retailers in Asia any day now, slowly making its way to the rest of the world. As a sneaker enthusiast I wish PEAK nothing but the best in this Canadian venture. I'm sure you'll be seeing more PEAK photos and write ups in the future.

Creator \\ Lucas @e y e_p r o j e k t

PEAK Tony Parker TP9

Jordan Melo 7 \\ Future Sole F&F

Taking back a few years to when 16 year old Allen Largin won the Future Sole design contest with his interpretation of the Jordan Melo 7. The Chicago themed, carbon fiber wrapped silhouette, contrast stitching, future sole velcro tongue and 'Chelle's name was embroidered on the inside panel as a tribute to Carmelo's late sister. This was the only cw that did not become a limited House of Hoops release. While the Orange Syracuse based version however did. The black/red was specially designed for Friends & Family of Jordan Brand, how exclusive are these, very.

Originally I wanted to photo this pair outdoors, but who am I kidding, choosing a warm indoor set up is much nicer than freezing my butt off in the minus -4 weather haha!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt