Building a brand...

My long time homie from down south is Building a brand, literally. When I saw a glimpse of his design, first thing I thought to myself was 'hey! that looks familiar...hmmm, where do I know this from? haha. Like most people that see this design have said the same to me. Well, the bottom line was, I needed one or a few. Seeing that the limited release was so exclusive (30pcs) my man still managed to come through. Now, if you're asking yourselves where can I get one of these sick hoodies, no worries, scroll down for the link. More will be available, along with tees as well, & other future pieces to come. I will be updating my blog when new designs roll in. Good luck to my dude, I think he's got something special here.

Building a brand ASPYRE 

Building a brand ASPYRE 'Psycho hoodie

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt