www.eyeprojekt.me \\ V.2

Welcome to the all new, fresh faced www.eyeprojekt.me. I cannot begin to tell you what a blessing \ frustration it has been these last few months, having to switch hosts, rebuild my portfolio from scratch. Between work, client projekts & life, it's been hectic, extremely. However, this new re-design gave me the chance to upgrade on a few things. It will host everything & anything needed to make my clients life extremely easy when it comes to navigating thru the site & being able to view their  personal projekts that we created. Client password protected galleries will be a new feature on my site. New as well is the eye'blog. which we are currently in haha. Where updates with new work will be added on a regular(you may want to bookmark it). You may be thinking to yourselves, 'well where is the gallery \\ portfolio, with pictures\creations of all sorts. Well, that will be coming for the new year, I wanted to release my new site before the Holidays, even if it has minimal content to view. It makes me feel better inside when I know my site is live haha. This way you still have all of my contact/content for everywhere that eyeprojekt is via Social Media. For all galleries & fresh content, stay tuned in the beginning 2013 for everything to go live, including all galleries. Client list & About me page will be added of course. Until then, you still know how to get in touch with me for all you photo needs. If you're looking to have your memories captured by yours truly, email eyeprojekt@bell.net  to start on our consultation. On that note, I would like to take this time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Let the 2013 adventure begin...

Thank you for your continued support..

Creator \\ Lucas @Eye_ProjekT

Merry Christmas \\ eyeprojekt