2nd i p r o j e k t 5ifty 2wo

Since the beginning of the smart phone era, I have been one to get myself the latest gadgets, from pagers to cell phones, I wanted it all, the newer, the better. For the last several years I have been a Blackberry guy, always stuck around with the BB, even when majority of people I know were all switching to iphones/Androids. But not me, no ma'am! Then things changed about a year ago, when blackberry started having issues with the servers, a bunch of black outs occurred etc...since that day, I started looking at the iphone, possibly debating finally making the jump to #teamiphone. & yet again, I couldn't do it, no matter how much I re-searched the iphone, watched videos, read articles and on and on..That Keyboard of that Blackberry had a tight grasp on me. The thought of going to a all touch screen phone made me queezzy. That really is the only thing that is holding me back from getting a iphone, that keyboard on the bb that I have gotten so comfortable with. Other than that, the iphone wins in every category haha. So now we forward to the last few months. My son has had a 4S for almost a year now, if not longer. I just bought my wife a iphone5 for her birthday. Our daughter received a ipad2 for Christmas. I was the only one left in the dark...so I broke down, went out one day after the new year and bought my self the 5 too......if it wasn't for my giant man hands, that touch screen key layout is nice. But I'll get use to it. I am how ever starting to use voice recognition a lot more now, less type, more talk.

& here we are today...

Just the four of us

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