1st i p r o j e k t 5ifty 2wo

You may have seen many photog.s starting yearly projects, some called 'project 365 others name it something else. Either way, for many it's a way to express their photography daily. They believe that by being creative daily helps their skill, sharpens their tools and basically gets their butts of the couch to take photos. I have taken a twist on this in my own way, because I do believe that these projects are a positive. Creating 'i p r o j e k t 5ifty 2wo to call my own. We all lead lives that allow us to work at our own pace, I for example have a full time career, family, & photography. You can easily see that my days & free time that may surround me is limited. There fore my project revolves around a weekly time frame, every week I will post my favorite image that I have captured, it can be anything & everything related to what catches my eye to that particular image. Weekly I may take hundreds of images or perhaps even thousands of'em. No matter what images I capture, which events I shoot, there is always a image that fancy's me. Via this projekt I will share these images with my people. To start of 2013 & my 1st entry, this dark low lit New Years eve atmosphere, we put together this tasty concoction. Even though you may think that this is more of a summer time drink, believe me, it's a anytime kinda mix. Ice cubes\Crushed&Sliced Limes\Blood Orange spritz soda\Gin. Mix well and enjoy! 

Creator \\ Lucas @Eye_ProjekT

Ice\Crushed & Sliced Lime\Blood Orange Spritz Soda\Gin