Raptors Heritage Tee

NBA season is around the corner, the gang over at since95 are banging out some hot new goodies for the 20th anniversary of the Raptors, 'Heritage Tee. Remembering a young fresh new team which hustle & flowed their way into the deepest post season in team history. White & Purple colors that scream RAPTORS of the past! Names that you know of by heart. Memories that keep Torontonians chatting regularly. Pretty sure we'll be seeing plenty of these at games this season. Who knows, maybe we may catch VC wearing one soon.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Thanks was given

Fallen leaves, fall colours, another Thanksgiving is wrapped up and in the record books. I am thankful for everything that I have in my life, from my family to health and all that has come my way. Seems like Oct is when my brain really activates for future projekts, so who knows what the months ahead will bring. Bless all!

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

The Forgotten

A tribute to the beater shoe(s) in your rotation, the ones that serve daily purpose, sunshine/rain/snow and what ever else you throw at them. the pair that wreak havoc on your sense of smell, that pair you can't even give to a homeless person cause he'd laugh at ya! All jokes aside, it's true how easy we forget when a sneaker we've had for quite sometime gets forgotten. Never spoken of. Like these, my Nike Trainer 1 mid SB Day of the Dead

Most rotated pair to date...

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Fresh new version \\ www.eyeprojekt.me

Putting on a new twist for 2015 is not a easy task, I am gladly taking the turns to what you can almost call a 'new beginning, kinda like a updated 2.0 version of my portfolio, work etc...

with new ideas, projekts must come change, it's inevitable. I figured the logo/business cards would be a great start to the new fresh faced look. Since everything has always been white based when it comes to site layouts, I thought why not flip it around to the black scale. We all have our favorite ways to see & look at things, especially when we're talking about images/pictures. But the beauty of being in this technological world, we are free to twist things up, create and re-create as we wish.

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Online Shop coming in 2015

That's right folks! you heard it right! Uncle Luc is opening his own on-line store.

In the upcoming months you'll see updates/info as to what will be available at my new store, I am quite excited about this new projekt. I think you will be very surprised as well. Be sure to follow me on instagram for further info and possible BTS (behind the scenes) teasers of whats to come. I will put any rumors to rest as of this moment, it's not a sneaker related venture. FYI

Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt

Brendan and Sarah

Open minded free spirited couple, capturing their memories was a spectacular opportunity for me. I thank you.

'You truly are amazing at your craft. You made the experience of having to do photos a great one. Not to mention the product you delivered. Thank you to both of you for taking a worry away and making it an experience. Love you guys!!!


Creator \\ Lucas @eye_projekt